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10 Easy to Minimise Household Expenses

10 Easy to Minimize Household Expenses

Are you running out of money before the month runs out? Running a household can be
expensive. With so many different expenses, it’s easy for the costs to get out of control unless
you’re careful. You can certainly find more exciting ways to spend your money than paying too
much to your auto insurance company!  You can even add to your savings account each month.


10 Easy to Minimize Household Expenses
Avoid spending more than necessary on your household expenses:
1. Medication. Always ask if a generic version is available for your prescriptions. Generics
can cost as much as 85% less. There are also online services that will inform you of the best
prices for your medications. GoodRx.com is a well-known example.
2. Entertainment. Find ways to spend less money entertaining your family. Matinee movies
are typically half the price of later showings. The park is free. During much of the year, the
weekends offer various festivals and fairs that can be both fun and inexpensive.
3. Cable TV. How many of your 172 stations do you actually watch? With much less expensive
options like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, you might find satisfactory options for less money.
4. Cellphone. One of the reasons most monthly plans are so expensive is that the cost of the
phone is included. You didn’t really think that fancy phone was free, did you? After your 2-
year contract is up, you can continue using your phone and switch to a month-to-month plan
that only costs about half as much.
 If you can do without a smartphone, there are options for as little as $15/month for
basic phone and text message service.
5. Food. Food is a significant and ongoing expense for all families. Eating out is especially
expensive. Whether it’s morning gourmet coffee, going out for lunch every day, or taking the
family out for dinner.
 The grocery store can also be an expensive place if you fail to keep the cost in mind. A
family of four can easily spend $800 a month on food. This is an excellent category to
minimize your expenses.
6. Plant a garden. Not only can you grow a lot of your own food for practically free, but also
there always seems to be more than you can eat. Take the excess to a local farmers’ market
and make a profit. Put that income towards the food purchases your garden can’t satisfy.
7. Refinance your home or automobile. Compare the interest rate of your loans to the current
interest rate. You might be able to cut your monthly payment considerably. Be sure to factor in
the cost of refinancing.

8. Shop around for new insurance quotes. It’s a good idea to check your insurance rates each
year. Do some research and ensure that you’re paying the lowest rate for the coverage you
9. Ask for a reduction in your credit card interest rate. Many credit card companies will
lower your interest rate if you just ask. They’d rather receive less interest than risk having
you transfer your balance and cancel your current credit card account.
10. Buy second-hand clothing. It’s easy to find perfectly good, brand-name clothing for as little
as $2 per item. Consider how many pieces of clothing you own that you barely wear. There’s
a lot of used clothing out there that’s practically brand new.
It’s easy to believe that you’re already spending as little as possible on your household expenses.
However, there are many ways to trim your expenses without dramatically altering your
lifestyle. Spend your money on something more enjoyable or grow your savings for the future.