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Get Your Finances In Order

Get Your Finances In Order

A range of handy apps to help keep your spending in check.

We live in an age where nearly everything is only a click away. Whether you’re purposely searching the Internet for a specific purchase, or you just happen to see an ad for a favourite clothing store on the sidebar of your Facebook homepage, it’s easier than ever to spend high quantities of money without truly noticing. That is, until you look at your bank statement.

However, while technology has played a large role in causing this predicament, it can also play a large role in its solution.

Get Your Finances In Order

Get Your Finances In Order

Budgeting is a simple solution to reckless spending, yet budget stationary planted on the wall of your home office can only do so much before natural impulse and laziness sets in. Fortunately, with the assistance of your smartphone and a few select apps, you can easily track purchases, manage expenses, and maintain your budget on the go.

1. Track My Budget –  For the effective management of money you always hunt best expense manager app that can keep track of your funds. So this app make this task easier as the Graph presents by this application offer the clear picture of all the transactions done by you. You can easily make different categories of your daily basic needs like food, clothing, education, travel.

2. Toshl Finance – Toshl Finance is a personal finance manager made fun. Find out where your money is going, keep on top of bills and spending, set up budgets and live easy with a financial peace of mind.

3.  My Budget is an easy solution to balance your accounts, track your expenditure, and manage your money and more. As a personal finance application one can enter receipts, assign each transaction to a category and to an account. My Budget day view, week view and month view gives you quick snap shot of your pending and upcoming activities.

4.  For those in the business world who are tasked with the responsibility of creating personal expense reports, Concur, from Concur Technologies expense management services, can take the work out of working. Available for Microsoft mobile devices, Concur can plan trips, track expenses, take and store photos of receipts, record categorised hotel costs, and submit a finalised expense report without exiting the app itself. While Concur was designed with the businessperson in mind, it can be just as helpful to anyone, anywhere, in any position, looking to keep an organised budget.



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