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Money Saving Tips For Around The Home

Money Saving Tips For Around The Home

Save money around the house – with great results.


  • Make Room: Make sure that before vacuuming that the ground is cleared. So cleaning and vacuuming is not only fast but you also save electricity, since the vacuum cleaner will not be switched on for as long.
  • Body lotion for shiny furniture: furniture polish you can save with. Use a dollop of body lotion on a dry cloth it has the same effect as more expensive furniture polishes.
  • Blocked Toilets: If your toilet is clogged, simply pour in boiling potato water – which dissolves even the most stubborn blockages and is cheaper than special cleaning agents.
  • Clean aluminum pots : Are your pots dirty, use apple peels. Simply cook the apple peels for about 15 minutes in the respective pot and it should soon look like new!

Money Saving Tips For Around The Home


  • Organic fertilizer : A real energy booster for your plants are chopped banana peels – they give valuable calcium. Particularly rich in nutrients are also remnants of brewed black tea. And if you want to get rid of aphids and other pests: Try using coffee grounds.
  • Potting Mix : Save the Earth repot flowers! Fill the pots first one-third of crushed styrofoam (eg from packaging material) and then with earth. Additional benefit: There is no waterlogging in the pot, because the Styrofoam absorbs the excess water!


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