7 Most Annoying Office Habits


There are countless ways to irritate and annoy people at work, but here are seven of the most common annoying office habits. Take a moment to be sure you’re not unknowingly a repeat offender.


You won’t stop talking about your hobby.
We get it—you’re a crazed South Sydney rugby league fan or a devoted stamp collector or a committed wine aficionado. We’re happy for you. But we’d also appreciate hearing about something else. Anything else. Everyone needs a hobby, yes, but not everyone needs to hear about yours ad nauseam.


You regularly interrupt other people’s meetings. 



While it’s true that you always say, “Sorry for interrupting,” you always interrupt anyway. And in most cases, it’s for something that could have waited hours, if not days or even weeks. We’re sorry, but your constant interrupting is just rude.


You criticise the baked goods.
OK, so the carrot cakes that Jenny from accounting brought in wasn’t as moist as you would have liked. And maybe those homemade cookies Rosie in marketing made were a bit chewy. But, for god’s sake, appreciate the gesture, discreetly place your uneaten portion in your office trash can, and most of all, keep your criticism to yourself. No one wants to hear about how much better you, your wife or grandma could have made it. Besides, don’t tell us, show us.

You don’t flush.
What’s up with guys who seem incapable of flushing in the office men’s room? It’s disgusting. As for you non-flushers, we realise you’re very busy guys with lots to do, but give us a break. Please! And here’s a “news flush,” Yours does, indeed, stink.
You’re a fan of the “reply all” button.
Some people don’t seem to have grasped the fact that when someone sends an all-staff email, rarely is it appropriate to send your response to everyone. For instance, when someone disseminates an email reminding everyone of, say, a new healthcare policy, the rest of us don’t need to know that you “appreciate the information.” The more you do of this, the less likely we are to open any email from you.
You shame people into buying your kid’s fundraising items.
Hey, we understand that you want to help your kid and his or her school, team or scout troop. So, by all means, bring in those order forms for candy, wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions. But don’t strong-arm us or make us feel bad for saying, “No, thanks.” Remember, even those colleagues without kids likely have a dozen or so nieces, nephews and random kids in the neighborhood who are pitching their fundraising wares.


You collect money to buy the boss a birthday gift.

Remember back in school when no one liked the teacher’s pet? Well, the same principle applies here: Don’t be a suck up. Enough said.


Tell us below or on Twitter does anyone in your office have any other annoying office habits?