Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill

Reduce Mobile Phone Bill

Is it becoming too expensive to use our mobile phone?  Below we offer some tips on how to reduce your mobile phone bill.

1. Check your call records

All operators are able to provide a detailed list of your recent calls. Check the last three months: Do you call abroad? Mobile phone numbers? Call other mobile operators? What are the numbers that come up most often? Are your calls long or short? Do you surf the Internet from your mobile? Are you a major consumer of SMS? Note also the cost per minute of different types of calls. With this information, you will be able to check if your subscription is needed.

2. Play the competition

Before you renew your subscription spend some time comparing the various mobile operators and their tariff conditions before you re-sign your contract. Fidelity does not always pay! New subscription plans are coming out all the time and it would be a shame to miss out on some savings.

Consider also the “small” operators who sometimes make more attractive offers than the bigger mobile operators. But always ask about the quality and coverage of their network. Finally, try to negotiate extras (of roaming minutes for example).

3. Be vigilant when travelling abroad

Calling or surfing from abroad can add considerably to your mobile phone bill. If you often travel outside Australia, you may be better with a subscription where roaming charges are included. Some options may also occasionally be activated to reduce the cost per minute. Alternatively, buy a prepaid SIM card when travelling overseas. Consider disabling data transfer to your smartphone when you are abroad, otherwise your mobile will be constantly downloading for which you will be charged.

4. Call for free

Skype, Viber, Tango, Face Time or Yuilop – are some of the best known applications that you can install on your mobile phone for free.

However, make sure that you are connected to a non-paying wi-fi network, or if you are on 3G, you do not exceed the limit of bytes included in your subscription. To enjoy and also to surf without limits, including abroad, consider downloading an app that allows you to connect many free wi-fi networks.