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Top Ten Weirdest Australian Political Parties

Top Ten Weirdest Australian Political Parties

While the leaders of Australia’s main political parties criss-crossed the country this week in a last-minute scramble for support with polls suggesting that millions remained undecided how to vote in this weekend election.

If you are still undecided who to vote for You and Your Money thought we would share with you Australia Top Ten Weirdest political parties.

There are a number of strange political parties in Australia, but a handful stand out because of their unusual names or policies.


Top Ten Weirdest Australian Political Parties

Top Ten Weirdest Australian Political Parties

Top Ten Weirdest Australian Political Parties


Bullet Train for Australia Party is a one-policy party. It wants a high-speed train network and promises to be the least annoying party

WikiLeaks Party – formed to support the bid of Julian Assange for a Senate seat in Victoria state. The WikiLeaks Party is running a number of candidates for the Senate in the 2013 election. The WikiLeaks Party aims to restore genuine independent scrutiny into our political process.

Pirate Party Australia has nothing to do with swashbuckling and the high seas, but intellectual property

Coke in the Bubblers Party. Every year, in primary schools across the country, students are elected to leadership positions on the promise of putting Coke in the Bubblers. Unfortunately, it feels like our political leaders are trapped in a system that still forces them to promise short and sell long. Coke in the Bubblers is here to generate support for policies that answer to the demands of the future, not to some antiquated ideological divide inherited from the French revolution.

Australian Sex Party. the Australian Electoral Commission actually had to decide whether its name was obscene. The Party was founded in 2009 in response to concerns over the influence of religion in politics and internet censorship. It is opposed to mandatory internet censorship, and supports the introduction of a national media classification scheme, including a rating for non-violent sexual content.

HEMP Party (Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party) The Party advocates the relegalization of cannabis for medical, recreational and industrial use. The group was founded in 1993 by Nigel Quinlan, who ran as a candidate under the name Nigel Freemarijuana. The HEMP party is fielding senate candidates in all states in the 2013 federal election.

Smokers’ Rights Party. The Smokers’ Rights Party was formed in 2012, after becoming frustrated with government infringements on the personal lives of Australians, believing that adults should be free to make their own lifestyle decisions.

Stop CSG Party. The Stop CSG Party’s mission is to protect Australia from volatile coal seam gas and other unconventional gas mining by pushing for a ban in parliament.

No Parking Meters Party. The party is registered with the New South Wales Electoral Commission to contest state and local council elections. The party was founded in February 2006 as a single-issue party, seeing parking meters as “an extra tax on the family car”

ANZA-JAM Alliance – The party advocates political unity between New Zealand and Australia.

You now have no excuse to still be undecided who you will vote for…