5 Tips For Effective Time Management

5 Tips For Effective Time Management

We know that the number one challenge when returning to study is finding enough time to fit in the added demands.

So here are five tips to help you master your schedule without feeling the heat when you start.

1 Create a schedule with our Study Time Planner

Managing your study, work and personal commitments doesn’t have to be a struggle. The Griffith University Study Time Planner helps you identify where you can fit online learning into your life and generates a weekly schedule that you can, share or save. Get started now: online study planner

2 Keep your schedule alive

When you first start your degree, you may already have a study plan in place and allocated time and hours to study. But life is unpredictable so treat your first few weeks as a trial run and don’t be afraid to revisit your schedule to make adjustments.

3 Grade your to-do list

Fitting study into your already busy schedule isn’t an easy task. At times, it will seem as though everything you need to do is ‘urgent’. But you can control the chaos by grading the urgency of your tasks. The more clarity you have, the easier it will be to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

4 No points for overtime

During your degree, you may sometimes hit a groove and decide to turn your 2-hour study session into an all-nighter. While you might finish with a feeling of productivity, it may be detrimental in the long run. For instance, you might feel like you deserve to take the next few days off, which would disrupt the process of building positive habits.

5  End at the start

When you complete each study session, take 5-10 minutes to write down what you aim to cover in your next one. If you didn’t complete a specific task during a session, make it the first priority the next time you hit the books. This will minimise the time it takes to “settle in” each time you start studying.

There’s more to university than study. Your student days should be among the best of your life and Griffith University have a range ways to help make your time unforgettable. For more great study tips visit Griffith University.