Benefits of Serviced Apartments

The Benefits of Serviced Apartments 

The number of people in the world who spend more than 30 days in a hotel room has been significantly increasing these past few years. In fact, some extended-stay hotels reported that they their profits have increased more than 15 percent each year since 2014.
For many people though serviced apartments are quickly becoming the preferred choice of accommodation as an alternative to hotels. 
Travellers use extended-stay hotels for reasons such as extended tourist travels, job demands, corporate relocations, life transitions and more. While hotels can offer many benefits, serviced apartments can provide a lot more facilities than hotels can.
Nowadays serviced apartments have been furnished to cater for all the needs and essentials of modern day living.
If for example you are in the middle of corporate move or transfer, you should serioulsy consider renting serviced accommodation to meet your needs. Some of the benefits that they offer over extended hotel stays are:

Separate Rooms

Space is one of the biggest issues for people who use extended-stay hotels. No matter how much you may try to arrange your items, you will still be stuck living in just one room. A serviced apartment can provide you with a full apartment experience. You’ll have a separate bedroom, living room, kitchen and the like. That will make you feel more at home and improve the quality of your stay, especially if you have your spouse or children with you.

Royal Treatment

A Sydney serviced apartment provider will treat you with the utmost respect and royalty. They will value you as a customer and see you as much more than a dollar sign. Furthermore, you will have access to some of the same amenities that you receive in a hotel like laundry services, housekeeping and more.

The serviced unit gives you more than the average hotel offers. It goes above the call of duty to make your stay an experience that you will want to remember forever.

Cooking Abilities

You will have cooking facilities when you purchase furnished apartments for rent. In fact, in a lot of places you will have access to a full kitchen with a microwave, stove cooktop and cabinets to store your food etc.
A lot of travellers have ended up spending a lot more money tahn initially budgeted for due to the high cost of havings to eat at restaurants. You get to enjoy all the comforts of a home, including the comfort of a home-cooked meal. Providers want to give you an experience that is as close to what you desire as possible. Their intention is to pamper you no matter what your reason is for renting a unit.

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Reasonable Pricing

Hotels don’t always offer reasonable pricing. Short term accommodation providers understand that your transition is difficult enough without the hefty expenses. Therefore, they put their best effort into matching you with a unit that fits your budget. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your needs and your limitations with an accommodations manager. This person will help you to find something suitable. The dealings are the same whether your employer is paying or you are paying out of your pocket. Your comfort is paramount.


Safety is another common issue that comes up in some of the low-grade hotels. Visitors often experience fear because their hotel does not have appropriate security measures in place. You can rest assured that any serviced unit provider will take steps to ensure your safety. Safety precautions may include surveillance cameras, intricate alarm systems, armed guards or a combination of them all. Speak with the accommodations manager about the steps that the establishment takes to protect is clients. You will find that your personal safety is high on the priority list for the provider, and that will improve your stay even more.

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Serviced apartments are ideal for both business travellers and holidaymakers looking for independence and flexibility. Unlike hotels, they provide a relaxed space to live, work and socialise in, with all the essentials to feel settled, safe and comfortable.

Serviced apartments provide the ideal base from which to go explore many of Australia’s wonderful cities, whilst also giving you access to all the local amenities right on your doorstep.