How to paint your office safely and effectively

No office is complete without a fresh lick of paint. Whether this is a strong metal paint or enamel colour, there can be several dangerous setbacks to painting a working environment. This list will display the means of keeping an environment safe during the painting procedure.


How to paint your office safely and effectively

Bodily protection

Before any painting should ensue, the painter should make sure that their body is protected against any chemical-based paint. To remain safe when handling any chemical agent, it is necessary to have your hands, eyes and lungs protected. For your hands, be sure to wear protective gloves, in specific impermeable or solvent-resistant gloves. To protect your eyes and lungs, it is best to use goggles and a facemask. This will also aid in avoiding any future vapours that may come from the chemical paints themselves.  While it is recommended to only paint for 2-3 hours a day, wearing a mask will aid you in being able to breathe normally and work efficiently, so you may continue painting until it is dry.


Ventilation procedures

Ensure that any room that needs to be painted is only inhabited by the painters. Anyone else in the building should be aware of the decorative work that is in progress. It is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency, that any room, under the process of being painted, needs to be ventilated with open windows or an air conditioning system. This is to prevent chemical vapours from affecting the eyes or lungs.  Be sure to take breaks from painting to avoid respiratory or skin irritation with the paint.

painting an office

Safety Paint

While there are chemical paints which can be dangerous, when in contact with the eyes and skin, there are alternative paints which can make the room safer, such as those which can be metal based and prevent any metal walls from experiencing environmental damage. There are also Fire Retardant Paints from Paints4Trade. These paints are known for adding an extra layer of fire protection between any potential danger and metal objects, which have the potential to heat up. For extra fire safety in the office, after the painting process, consider investing in fireproof curtains and furniture.


Avoiding Excess and Accidents

In order to prevent any accidents while working on painting an office, be sure to avoid any excess paint that could cause slipping or stains to a painter’s skin or clothing. This can be easily solved with laying down towels on the floor, as well as merging your paint cans into one large tub. Not only will this save on your paint, but can aid in painting your wall in one consistent colour. By keeping the paint in a secure container, it can even be saved for a later date to give the office wall’s a second coat of paint. Try to find a gloss coat to give your new wall an extra sleek shine. These coats can come in a number of different colours both in store and online.