How To Saving Money on New Clothing

How to Save Money on Clothing

When left to its own devices, clothing can quickly become one of the priciest expenses in your household.


The cute leather stilettos for your tootsies, the trendy jeans for the man of the house, and the Dora the Explorer sweatshirt for your baby girl may seem like insignificant purchases. But over time, the costs can add up rather quickly.


Instead of curbing your craving to purchase clothing, you can still indulge in a bit of retail therapy without breaking the bank!


Follow these easy money-saving tips to slash your clothing expenses:


  1. Yes, buy custom-made. You’re probably thinking that custom clothing costs a fortune. And, if you go to the best dressmaker in town, it probably will. But, what if you were able to stimulate the handmade economy and help a budding, young fashion designer while snagging a custom piece on the cheap?


  • You certainly can do all of the above on a very limited budget by scouting a young, talented designer on handmade e-commerce websites like and Their rates are generally very affordable for just about any piece under the sun for the simple fact that the designers are still dipping their toes into the water.


  • The designers don’t have the adequate following in order to justify a premium rate. Take advantage of this! Replicate that to-die-for bridesmaid dress with a price tag of $200 for just $60. Rather than buying a trendy “with love” t-shirt, have one custom-made for you for about $15.  Anything is possible with the flexibility of custom-made clothing!


  1. Visit garage sales. Thrift shops are also popular destinations for fashionistas on a budget. But, be sure to remember the wealth of low-price, yet high-quality finds at garage sales, too. When you troll a garage sale or thrift shop for clothing, it’s best to head to an upscale part of town in order to find the best deals from the best designers.


  • Generally, garage sales that are held in ritzy parts of towns aren’t held for the proceeds, but to make more room for new purchases! Therefore, prices are often dismal. Plus, you’re able to haggle down something that’s low-priced, to begin with.

Ways To Save Money On Clothes

Saving Money on Clothing

  1. Use coupons. Coupons are the “it” accessory for savvy shoppers. And, there’s a good reason for their popularity. Coupons save you money on the items you already expect to buy!


  • Check out your favorite designer’s website and sign up for their newsletter. Within some newsletters, there may be a coupon code to use online or a printable coupon to use in-store. You can also request the manufacturer to send coupons directly to your mailbox.


  • Unless stated clearly on the website or on the coupon itself, many outlet stores do accept all coupons that the full-price designer boutique would deem valid. If you take your coupon to the outlet store where all items have already been marked down about 30% and use your coupon, you can sometimes save in the realm of 50% and 75% off of a quality piece.


  • If you’re concerned as to whether your outlet store will accept your coupon, call them directly. Unfortunately, some outlet stores prohibit the use of coupons because the company’s profit would be nonexistent if you were to save, say 85%.


Never pay retail – period. Paying retail prices is reserved only for shoppers who have an unlimited supply of cash flow. Clearly, if you’re reading this article, you’re part of the shoppers’ clan with the not-so-unlimited cash flow. Therefore, take advantage of these strategies to their utmost, and bargain away to your heart’s content!