Black Friday Survival Tips


Black Friday Shopping Survival Tips

With Christmas only a little more than 8 weeks away, many people are already planning how to best navigate the hordes of shoppers that will sweep through stores.

It is no secret that many shoppers are avoiding the brick and mortar stores during the Black Friday Deals and opting to shop online instead. After all, it is a great way to avoid crowds, save petrol, save time, and above all, save money.

But while the fact that people are shopping online is not a secret, you might be wondering how they manage to do so and save money at the same time.

Below, you will find out what they know, which is how to make the most of Black Friday shopping. It really is easy and can save you a ton of cash, so take a look below and find out what super savvy online shoppers know.


It’s time to plan your holiday shopping strategy. First up: Black Friday. Love it or hate it, this is a day for deals. Here are our 5 best Black Friday shopping tips to help you best navigate the wild crowds and survive this day of savings.

1. Look for sneak peeks.

Be sure to look for these sneak peeks so you can be ready when a good deal goes live. Set a reminder on your smart phone or just stick a note by the computer of the item, price, and site it will be available for purchase on.

2. Don’t limit yourself to Friday.

The truth is, deals and my voucher codes can be found online all throughout the lead-up to the Christmas holiday season. Black Friday will be a popular day for sales, but so will Cyber Monday which falls on the Monday after Black Friday. You may also want to visit your favorite shopping sites and look for banners advertising upcoming sales dates so you can be prepared.

3. Do all of your shopping at once.

Be prepared to do all of your shopping for a particular store at once. This will save you from having to pay multiple shipping charges (it may even net you free shipping if you spend enough) and you may even be entitled to additional discounts.

Have your list ready so you can do it all at once and take advantage of the free shipping for spending X amount of dollars.

4. Pay attention to details.

Since you can’t actually hold the item you are buying, be sure to read all of the details and descriptions carefully. You may also want to view all of the pictures and read customer reviews on the product. After all, it won’t do you any good to save money on an item if you end up with something that is not quite as you expected.

5. Save all of your packing slips and receipts.

Just like the tip above, ending up with items you can’t return is not really saving money in the long run. Be sure to keep receipts and packing slips so you can send items back or return them in store if need be.

As you can see, shopping online can be a fun and easy way to get the gifts you need while saving time and money at the same time. Give these simple tips a try and you will find yourself hooked on cyber shopping this holiday season too.

You don’t have to wait for Black Friday to get started shopping!

Any other shopping tips you’d like to share?