Centrelink Financial Information Service

Centrelink Financial Information Service

Centrelink Financial Information Service is not just for job-seekers or the unemployed it is a free, confidential service that provides education and information on financial and lifestyle issues to all Australians.

The Centrelink Financial Information Service gives expert information to help people make the right decision about financial circumstances. People can access Centrelink Financial Information Service by phone, interview or by attending one of the regular Financial Information Service seminars on a wide range of financial and investment topics. The service does not give financial advice.

Centrelink Financial Information Service

Centrelink Financial Information Service


Centrelink Financial Information Service is a free and independent service available to anyone. You can book into a Financial Information Service Seminar or you can make an appointment for an interview with a Financial Information Service Officer. The service provides independent, free and confidential information about financial affairs.

Financial Information Service Officers can provide you with expert information in a friendly environment so that you are better able to:

  • recognise and follow your financial options, and make better financial decisions
  • understand investment products and how they work
  • approach/undertake your own financial planning
  • recognise when you might need professional financial advice, and how to go about getting it
  • understand social security payments and requirements and taxation provisions and requirements and how they may affect you.

Once an appointment has been made, a Financial Information Service Officer will spend 45 minutes to an hour providing information. Topics commonly covered during appointments include income streams, investment options, pensions and allowances, taxation, superannuation and annuities, retrenchment, power of attorney, the importance of wills and the administration of a deceased estate, buying and selling homes, financial implications and responsibilities pertaining to entry into aged care facilities, discussions about financial portfolios that have been recommended, banking and other financial institutions services.

There are also Financial Information Services available at Hornsby (Ph: 9450 7424) and Northern Beaches (Ph: 9941 3181). Centrelink Financial Information Service also provides free information seminars on a range of topics to help plan your financial future.

For more details visit http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/financial-information-service


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