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How To Write A Cover Letter In 10 Tweets

How To Write A Cover Letter In 10 Tweets

In today’s job market, brevity is the soul of fit: Be concise and show how your skills align with a job and you’ll make it easy for hiring managers to  see you in the role. As Deb Dib, career coach to CEOs at Executive Power Brand says, “So What? Make Me Care! Do it fast!”

Many grammarians say SMS abbreviations are a setback for the English language; however, character limitations for texting and tweeting can  actually help you rock your job search. “It’s the whole concept of bottom-lining,’ says Dib. “Think about sticking your head in the CEO’s door. It  doesn’t matter who you are, how good you are, or what you have to offer; if you can’t make your case in 30 seconds, forget about being invited in.”

How To Write A Cover Letter In 10 Tweets

Write A Cover Letter In 10 Tweets

When you apply for jobs, it’s critical to know what the employer wants, says Dib. “Early on, it’s    not about you. It’s about them. Then it’s about how you could form a partnership. You are only  in the job equation if you are useful. What can you do that the employer craves? Lead with a  need and you’ll improve your chances in starting a conversation.”

Your cover letter will likely be scanned in 15 seconds or less—and possibly glanced at on a  smart phone on an elevator as a hiring manager goes up a few floors.

“Increasing demands have made everyone a multi-tasker. That’s made the attention span of  most executives little-to-none,” says Dib. “Write for this attention span by keeping your  message short.”

One easy way to write short is to think of your cover letter as a series of brief sound bites similar  to a standard text message (160 characters) or a tweet (140 characters). You can practice on your mobile phone or through drafting status  updates in Twitter. When you run out of characters, you’ll know.

 Here’s a way to write a tight cover letter in the equivalent of ten tweets:

Tweet 1: Acknowledge the state of the employer or industry. What’s the biggest challenge they face right now? “Do your research and get this  right,” says Dib. “It will command attention.”

Tweet 2: Mention the opportunity and tie the solution to you. How are you uniquely qualified to help?

Tweet 3: Tell them you’ve been there. Get ready to tell a story.

Tweet 4: What did you face?

Tweet 5: Give some context.

Tweet 6: Prove you made (or supported) making money.

Tweet 7: Tie what you did to how you did it. Show a glimpse of your personal style—why would others enjoy working with you?

Tweet 8: Provide an example of something you’ve done and an approach that worked really well.

Tweet 9: Show why you’re interested in the company.

Tweet 10: Close with a call to action. Let them know how you’ll follow-up—and offer to show them concrete examples of what you can do when you  meet. As “Ask the Headhunter” Nick Corcodilos, advises “do the job to get the job.”

Use this framework to write a cover letter in 10 Tweets, and you may find that your cover letters practically write themselves—and could  even stand on their own if separated from your resume. Sometimes less really is more.