Last Minute Love Is In The Air

Have More Sex Make More Money

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us once again, and undoubtedly there will be a number of spouses and partners scurrying around on Friday night or Saturday morning, searching for that perfect gift.

There almost seems to be a certain requirement of spending 

for Valentine’s Day – too little and you’re a cheapskate, but too much jewellery, nice flowers and fancy meals and your wallet won’t be thanking you.

But fear not – there are options for the financially-challenged. For example, roses are always a pretty safe bet and are some of the finest flowers available, and with fresh deliveries until Valentine’s Day. Supermarkets also cash in at this time of year and offer good value bouquets  €29.99 for a bouquet at  Aldi is a pretty fantastic price, with a range of other bouquets and gift arrangements from the German retailer that won’t break the bank.

And there’s plenty more you can do for your other half on a budget. Why not plan a quiet day at home, starting with breakfast in bed, and ending with a nice home-cooked meal? Or, if you do plan on venturing out, why not grab your jacket (or perhaps two), and head to some of the country’s most romantic spots for a leisurely stroll and some quality time – the Blue Mountains, Great Ocean Road or Bondi to Bronte Cliff top Walk all spring to mind.

If you’re struggling with a gift, fear not, we have some ideas here too. Jewellery is nice, undoubtedly, but not necessary. Something thoughtful will be much more appreciated (hopefully), like a photo album which tells the story of your relationship, or a recreation of your first date. Put on your thinking cap!