Save Money By Cutting Costs

Save money by cutting costs

The struggle to save money is forever. Of course, there is the “latte factor”: The fact that small daily indulgences like coffee, lead us to overspend, over time.

However, experts say the most effective way to save money is to cut your purchases of non-essential items and things like your phone bills. Here’s how to save money by cutting costs:


  1. Before going to the supermarket, check online sites that provide information about the best deals in stores around the country.
  2. Plan your meals around foods that can be used in various dishes. For example, chicken can be used for soups, sandwiches and a healthy lunch for school children.
  3. Freeze what you can, properly. Do not play a guessing game about the time you have your products there.Take a permanent marker and write the date on the container label before placing in the freezer.
  4. Maybe you can take some work but you can start growing your own “kitchen garden” in the long run you will save more money and you’re getting fresh and very good quality.

Your home

  1. Spend time reviewing your phone and pay TV plans, and see if you’re overpaying or you can cut anything extra.
  2. Take advantage of free activities in your community so you can save money on expensive entertainment like movies and Netflix, did you know that local public libraries let you borrow several movies for free? Visit your local library and find out all the benefits you can get for free.

The Bank

  1. Keep track of your progress through free online tools for budgeting. It will show you where your money goes each month, so there are no surprises. Also, you can ask to be alerted when you pay bills and avoid costly late fees.