Tips To Stop Worrying

Tips to stop worrying

Do a little exercise: think for a second how many times you have worried today … (something in work on your mind? Is everything going well with your family?, what about your finances?  The reality is that worrying is exhausting. How many times have we had sleepless nights or walk during the day without realizing that our jaw is locked by stress or anxiety that many have. 

Remember that concerns take the shape and size that we give them. The difference is if you turn them into good or toxic concerns. There are “good concerns” that lead to positive actions, while “toxic worry” only fear and paralyze us says psychiatrist Edward M. Hallowell. “If you have a mole in your forearm that is troubling you and go to the doctor, that’s a good concern that led you to productive action, “says Hallowell.”

On the other hand, if every time you see your mole fear freezes you, that’s a Toxic worry, it’s not productive, it’s scary and makes life impossible. ” Get rid of toxic concerns and take advantage of your time stress.  Tips to stop worrying

Tips To Stop Worrying

never worry alone; This is the first and most important step. Externalize your concerns by  talking with someone who you trust: your husband, your mother, your brother or your best friend. “The best anti-anxiety agent that exists is the human connection,” says Hallowell.

Analyse the facts;Toxic concerns are usually the result of a lack of information, misinformation or both. Talk to your boss, doctor, bank manager, husband or whoever that may help clarify the situation that is troubling you. “Better to have that conversation than we sit idly by waiting for things to work out alone,” says Hallowell.

Make a Plan Once you are clear about the facts, make a plan to fix what is troubling you and follow it step by step. For example, if you’re worried about money, you can open a savings account or make out a budget. “Victims of toxic concerns are passive people,” says Hallowell. “But as long as you act, you have more control of the situation and feel less vulnerable – the two key variables of the equation of the concerns. ” And what happens if the plan does not work? Modify it! If your new budget is not helping you to save enough money, try to get a part time job or any other source of income. “That’s what life is about, to go modifying plans,” says Hallowell.

Indulge; Women trapped in toxic concerns often stop worrying about their health, which makes everything worse. Now, more than ever, you need enough sleep, eat a balanced diet (do not fall into the temptation of junk food!) And do some exercise every day. Meditating can also help you feel more calm and balanced. Surround yourself with positive people who support you, and avoid those that get you down or make you feel more stressed.

 Let concerns go; Once you’ve completed the first four steps you can relax more and trust that you’re doing everything possible to solve your problem. It is not easy to say goodbye to your concerns, and they usually have a habit of returning again and again, but still work to fulfill your plan of action. Over time you will find that your mental energy will begin to flow and feel better, with a much more positive attitude about yourself. “It’s likely to get out of this negative spiral requires work and perseverance,” says Hallowell. “But the reward is extremely valuable and, eventually, everything becomes easier.”

There is more to address these anxieties from the root and resume our lives, the power is in us.