Valentine’s Day Money Saving Tips

Valentine’s Day ideas on a budget

Even in the face of any potential objections to the holiday, for the sake of your relationship you will likely engage in Valentine’s Day next week. You will be expected to express your love for your significant other with cards and gifts, but it needn’t be a financially crippling burden.

There are ways to keep the love of your life happy and feeling loved without having to break the bank.


Money saving tips for Valentine’s Day

To help you through Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank, here are five tips to make your Valentine’s Day special without the price tag– now that’s a real gift!

Make a Gift-giving Budget and Stick to it. As a couple, you should set expectations to how much you each will spend on gifts for one another. Whether you want to splurge on your sweetie or show how much you care with a DIY gift, make sure to set a budget and expectations so there’s no disappointment come Valentines day.

Cook a romantic meal: Dinner out can often be rushed with set times, never mind the limited set menu. Improve your Valentine’s night and save money by making a romantic home cooked meal!

Stay Home: Watch movies at home instead of going out to the movies. (You can’t beat Netflix!)


Candlelit bath: A candlelit, romantic spa-style bathroom never fails to impress, but why not make it more personal with homemade fizzing bath bombs.

Valentine’s massage: End a lovely day with a relaxing massage, but don’t buy any fancy massage oil. Skin-loving olive oil from your kitchen will do the trick and won’t cost you extra.

Thrifty in Love

But it’s not all bad news this Valentine’s day – you can love your partner and your wallet at the same time!