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Budget travel tips and advice

Budget travel tips on how to save money when travelling, reduce travel costs and extend your trips even longer than planned for the frugal traveller or digital nomad.

Thinking about heading away for a week or two in the summer but only have a small budget to work with? Well, with a little bit of preparation, flexibility and clever thinking, you’ll be able to enjoy a few days away, without spending more than you have.

budget travel tips

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Whether you’re camping, couch surfing or staying in hotels, here are some of our favourite travel tips for keeping you on the road this summer while still keeping your budget intact.

These days, the mighty dollar isn’t so mighty, causing most Aussies to look for holiday inspiration closer to home. Now there’s even more reason to visit your local landmarks this summer.

Why is it that we never consider being a tourist in our own backyard? Why wait for company to visit to explore our own cities?

The best thing to do is start saving and budgeting your money! So how can we do this when you are already on your travels?

holiday budgetting

First up make a travel budget

If you do not have the funds for your holiday, you should start by having a travel budget. You can start by tracking monthly expenses by tracking expenses online or if you don’t want to complicate matters, just write everything down in a budget notebook and a list of things that you’re probably going to spend on this trip.

Work for accommodation – I did this a few times when I was in Australia. They are many organisations that offered this option but I chose to go with WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming). I worked a few hours a day in exchange for bed and board.

Remember the Exchange Rate! Pay attention to what’s going on with currencies in the world. Things cost more in some countries, and some things don’t and perhaps may be even cheaper.

budget travel advice
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Visit friends and family

This should be obvious; if you have friends or family living abroad and they have offered to host you for free, start packing!

Final word
There are even more ways to save when on the ground but that’s a post for another day.

So forget about all-inclusive and cruise vacations, as you can see with these travel saving tips you can travel anywhere on a budget.