Starting School: What Every Parent Should Know

Starting School: What Every Parent Should Know

For many parent today represents a big change in their life…its the day your child’s first day at school.  There will be many tears in the school yard and not just from the kids, mams and dads will also shed a tear or two seeing their littlies begin their new adventure.

You may feel sad and be worried that your child will be unhappy, will not make friends, or will not enjoy schoolwork. You may be trying to support your child to make it all feel exciting while, on the inside, you are feeling just as nervous.

Starting school can be one of the biggest transitions in a child’s life, but it’s worth remembering that most children love school and go on to make the most of their education.

Below we have compiled some tips on starting school that you may find helpful.


Project Confidence. We all have concerns for our little ones, especially when they face a potentially challenging situation.To help your child prepare for their new environment act how you want them to feel. Little ones can easily pick up on how you feel and it will have a significant impact on how they feel themselves. If you show them that you are happy and excited for the change, rather than concerned and fearful, they are more likely to feel positive about the transition.

Help Them Connect. Transitions are always easier with a friend by your side! Where possible, help your child find a connection with a new friend before school or their new activity starts. This can be accomplished by setting up play dates or visiting local parks and community centers. Once your little one has at least one new friend, the new environment will be much less scary.

Scope Out the School. Sometimes the biggest trepidation around a new school or activity is the fear of the unknown. In advance of the first day of school, practice your commute to the new school with your little one. Once you arrive, take some time to look around the schoolyard and maybe even find their designated entrance to the school. The more they can explore in advance, the more confident they will feel.

Be Yourself. Remind your little ones that even though they’ll feel pressure to fit in, they should be unique, be different and be themselves. Encourage them to pursue their interests and act as they would if they were at home.

Don’t forget to remind your little ones that no matter what happens in their new school, you have their backs every step of the way!

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